Tumbling Supplies

Tumbling media for rocks, minerals and metal. We offer a variety of plastic media, ceramic cylinders, steel shot, burnishing soaps and polishing compounds for all tumbling operations.
miners.jpg Miners Mix
This collection of 30 years worth of cutoffs has a wide variety of jaspers, Wyoming jade, agates, wonderstone, petrified wood and everything else under the sun. No guarantee that you'll get exactly what's mentioned but you'll surely get your money's worth in this assortment. The stones in this batch generally run on the large size (1 to 2 inches). Sold by the Pound.
capemay.jpg Cape May Tumbling Mix
From the beaches of Cape May NJ comes a selection of smooth rounded water worn beach stones. Polish these rocks to a high luster and it makes a nice addition to a tumbled stone collection. No guarantee of Cape May Diamonds. Sold by the Pound.
Graves 1-2-3 Grit Kit
Contains all the necessary ingredients to grind and polish up to 21 pounds of rock. Included in the kit is 1 1/2 lb. of 60/90 Grit Silicone Carbide for grinding, 1 lb. of 120/220 grit Silicon Carbide for pre-polishing and 6 oz. of Aluminum Oxide for polishing. Instructions are included with the kit.
Graves ProGrit Kit
This kit contains all the necessary ingredients to achieve that professional look in your polished gems. This kit uses a seven step procedure and includes 4 ounces of each of the following Silicon Carbide Grits: For grinding, 60/90; for sanding 120/220; For prepolishing 400 and 500/600. Also included are 4 ounces of Tripoli Brown and Alumina G as well as a pound of Plastic Pellets and Gem Brightener. This kit is good for either hard or soft stones and will process up to 12 lbs. of rock. Instructions are included with each kit.
Silicon Carbide Tumbling Grits
A man made abrasive that is hard enough to grind and sand even the toughest rocks and minerals including agate. The Silicon Carbide is available in three grit ranges for progressive smoothing of the stone to its prepolished finish. The 60/90 Grit is used for aggressive grinding and shaping of the work pieces, the 120/220 Grit is used to sand and smooth and the 500/600 Grit is used to achieve the prepolished finish. All these Silicon Carbide Grits are used with water.
· Silicon Carbide 60/90 Grit 1 lb.
· Silicon Carbide 60/90 Grit 5 lbs.
· Silicon Carbide 60/90 Grit 50 lbs.
· Silicon Carbide 120/220 Grit 1 lb.
· Silicon Carbide 120/220 Grit 5 lbs.
· Silicon Carbide 120/220 Grit 50 lbs.
· Silicon Carbide 500/600 Grit 1 lb.
· Silicon Carbide 500/600 Grit 5 lbs.
· Silicon Carbide 500/600 Grit 50 lbs.
Lusterite Formula 2 Polish
This fine pulverized compound is a crystalline formation at about 10,000 mesh. Works extremely well in sphere making and as a tumble polish.
Plastic Tumbling Pellets
Used as a filler to properly load the tumbler. Also used to cushion the load when tumbling delicate materials in the polishing steps. Carries abrasive fines to every part of the load. Pellets separate from the load in seconds by floating. Three pounds is enough for a 10 pound load.
· Plastic Pellets, 1 lb.
· Plastic Pellets, 55 lbs.
Alumina G Polishing Compounds
Rock polishing compound. A special polishing agent for polishing stones in a tumbler or on a vibrating lap machine. Clean, non-staining and fast acting.
· Alumina G Compound, 1 lbs.
· Alumina G Compound, 5 lbs.
Stainless Steel Shot, 2 lbs.
Stainless steel shot with mixed shapes to thoroughly polish every nook and cranny of your piece. Rust resistant for long life.
Stainless Steel Shot, 6 lbs.
Green Tumbledry, 1 lb.
For Silver, aluminum, and stainless steel. The preferred media for metal polishing. The walnut shells are precoated with a buffing flour, bonding agent and is available with either a red or green rouge to impart a luster to the polished workpiece. Choice of the rouge is dependant on the type of metal being processed. Select the proper one for your application. Tumble Dry is also available in a clear formula which contains a waxy compound bonded to a soft media giving workpieces a very high luster. It is can be used on all metals, stones or organics for final finishing and protection against tarnishing.
Green Tumbledry, 5 lb.
Green Tumbledry, 50 lbs.
P7 Plastic Tumbling Media
Tetrahedron shape 5/8 L x 5/8 W, provides a finer finish than the deburring media. The plastic is impregnated with a fine silica grit to give a smooth finish. Best for precious metal or custom jewelry finishing where particles of Aluminum Oxide would interfere with soldering. This media is also excellent for removing discoloration caused by annealing operations on steel and stainless steel.
P6 Plastic Tumbling Media
Tetrahedron shape 5/8 L x 5/8 W, this media is used in place of the P7, when a less aggressive sanding action is required. It is made with a lower concentration of silica which reduces the loss of precious metal. Use at extremely low speed. Ideally suited for non-ferrous metals.
Burnishing Soap
The ideal additive to provide a burnished look to finished pieces. The soap works by providing lubrication and protection against rust and tarnish formation. Sold in powder form and used by mixing 4 oz. of soap per gallon of water. Can be used periodically to flow thru systems. Available in 1, 5 and 90 pound packages.
· Burnishing Soap, 1 lb.
· Burnishing Soap, 5 lbs.
Deburring Powder
A metal cleaning compound when mixed with water will keep the deburring media clean and active. This helps to increase the life of the media to provide the maximum effect during the deburring operation. This powder can also be used to inhibit rust formation when deburring steel parts. Easy to use (by dissolving 4 ounces per gallon of water) or can be added directly to the load. Available in 1, 5 and 100 pound packages.
· Deburring Powder, 1 lb.
· Deburring Powder, 5 lbs.