Tumbling Machines

We offer a variety of rock and metal polishing tumblers for the beginner to the professional. Vibratory and rotary tumblers are featured along with the new magnetic metal finishers - to decrease processing times for metal polishing operations. A complete inventory of supplies and media for tumbling is also available.
miners.jpg Miners Mix
This collection of 30 years worth of cutoffs has a wide variety of jaspers, Wyoming jade, agates, wonderstone, petrified wood and everything else under the sun. No guarantee that you'll get exactly what's mentioned but you'll surely get your money's worth in this assortment. The stones in this batch generally run on the large size (1 to 2 inches). Sold by the Pound.
capemay.jpg Cape May Tumbling Mix
From the beaches of Cape May NJ comes a selection of smooth rounded water worn beach stones. Polish these rocks to a high luster and it makes a nice addition to a tumbled stone collection. No guarantee of Cape May Diamonds. Sold by the Pound.
Rotary Tumblers
Offering quality Lortone tumblers for rock polishing operations to the work horse 12 pound production tumbler.
3a.jpeg Lortone Model 3A Tumbler
The ideal beginner tumbler. Holds 3 pounds of rock. Overall dimensions 6-1/2" x 16".
33b.jpeg Lortone Tumbler Model 33B
This double barrel version of the Model 3A provides twice the capacity at 6 pounds of rock. The two barrels allows separation of the polishing stage to ease cleaning of the barrel between stages. Overall size 6-1/4" x 16".
3-1.5.jpeg Lortone Tumbler Model 3-1.5
The three barrels hold 1.5 pounds of rock in each container for a total capacity of 4.5 pounds. Typically used to grind, sand and polish at the same time - keeping barrel maintenance to a minimum.
45c.jpeg Lortone Tumbler Model 45C
Higher capacity barrel holds 4.5 pounds of rock. Overall dimensions 6-1/4" x 10-1/2". Also popular for tumbling small batches of jewelry castings.
qt6.jpeg Lortone Model QT-6
Single barrel tumbler with large 6 pound capacity for larger loads or stone sizes. Hex shaped interior barrel.
qt12.jpeg Lortone QT-12
A larger version of the QT-6 this tumbler holds 12 pounds of rock.
Vibratory Tumblers
Vibratory Tumbler 6
Our most compact tumbler offers an inexpensive solution to the processing of small batches of metal or plastic parts. This very popular vibratory tumbler will reduce the processing time for grinding and polishing rocks to about half that required in a rotary tumbler. The clear cover allows visual inspection of the bowl contents without the need to stop the tumbler. This tumbler has the capacity to process from 3 to 6 pounds of rocks at a time. Separate bowls are recommended for the grinding and polishing operations.|Specifications: .05 cuft (.4 gal) capacity. Bowl measures 8" x 3" high. Total load is 7 pounds and the maximum part lenght is 2 inches.
· Vibratory Tumbler 6
· Spare Bowl, Vibratory Tumbler 6