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Saws and Grinders

We offer the complete line of Lortone saws and trim saws for the faceter and cabber alike.
bandsaw1.JPG Diamond Band Saw
Mosaics, Intarsia, Freeforms, Carving, Sculptures. These lapidary techniques are now within the capabilities of everyone with the new Diamond Laser 3000 Band Saw. The most difficult task of any saw is to cut a curve in stone. Several machines have attempted to fill this need but all have fallen short in some respect. The Diamond Laser 3000 is a heavy duty, no-nonsense piece of equipment . Our exclusive stainless steel, seamless diamond blade makes short work of the hard gem materials such as agate and jade. Cuts a minimum radius of only 3/16"! Do away with diamond wire and nippers. No longer are curves and freeform designs a challenge. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination. Includes blade.
· Diamond Band Saw
· Diamond Band Saw - Laser 3000 Spare Blade
Kool Kut Saw Lubricant
Coolant For Large Saw Blades. This highly refined, mineral oil based, lubricant/coolant is used for heavy duty cutting. Recommended for saws over 10 inches in diameter, but may be used in any application where diamond tools require good lubrication. Odorless and easy cleanup. Use directly from container, no mixing required.
· Kool Kut Oil, 1 Gallon
· Kool Kut Oil, 2.5 Gallon
Diamond Blade Sharpener
Rejuvenate Your Diamond Blade. This sharpener will freshen any diamond tool. To use just cut or drill into this very abrasive material to remove debris and metal to expose fresh diamonds. Stick measures 3/4" x 3/4" x 4" long.
Vinyl Apron
Industrial Grade 8 mil white vinyl apron. Sewn edges and nickel plated snaps across the bottom form a trough to catch water and keep your pants and shoes dry. Detachable straps and grommeted corners. Wipes clean and made to last for years.