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Saw Blades and Accessories

Diamond saw blades for cutting of minerals and rocks are featured for the faceter, cabber and mineral collector.
Diamond Saw Blades
Diamond Saw Blades
MK 303 Professional Blades
These MK-303 Professional series diamond blades are a true premium quality product. These blades produce smooth cuts at higher feed rates than ordinary notched rim or plated diamond blades. These blades can be used at maximun arbor speeds. Experienced operator skills are required for maximum performance.
· MK-303 4 inch x.014 in.
· MK-303 4 inch x.020 in.
· MK-303 6 inch x.014 in.
· MK-303 6 inch x.020 in.
· MK-303 7 inch x.050 1/2 & 5/8
· MK-303 8 inch x.025 1/2 & 5/8
· MK-303 8 inch x.032 1/2 & 5/8
· MK-303 10 inch x.032 x 5/8
· MK-303 10 inch x.040 x 5/8
· MK-303 12 inch x.065 x 1 in.
· MK-303 14 inch x.070 x 1 in.
· MK-303 16 inch x.085 x 1 in. Segmented
· MK-303 18 inch x.085 x 1 in. Segmented
· MK-303 20 inch x.100 x 1 in. Segmented
· MK-303 24 inch x.100 x 1 in. Segmented
· MK-303 30 inch x.125 x 1 in. Segmented
· MK-303 36 inch x.200 x 1 in. Segemnted
Eurocutter Economy Diamond Saw Blades
Quality diamond blades with a steel core and metal bonded diamond edge. The thin kerf reduces loss of gem material and exhibits almost no chipping. Used in many overseas production lapidaries. Available in 1/2 inch and 5/8 inch arbor.
· Eurocutter Economy Diamond Saw Blade, 4 inch dia x .008
· Eurocutter Economy Diamond Saw Blade, 6 inch dia x .012
IJS Diamond Saw Blades
IJS Diamond Blades are an accumulation of years of cutting and research. Proudly made is the USA with the finest spring steel and premium saw grade diamonds. These are the finest thin kerf blades you can buy!
· IJS Diamond Blades, 4 inch dia. .004 & .012 in. Kerf
· IJS Diamond Blades, 6 inch dia. .025 in. Kerf
· IJS Diamond Blades, 6 inch dia. .012 in. Kerf
· IJS Diamond Blades, 8 inch dia. .012 in. Kerf
Saw Accessories
Diamond Saw Accessories
Kool Kut Saw Lubricant
Coolant For Large Saw Blades. This highly refined, mineral oil based, lubricant/coolant is used for heavy duty cutting. Recommended for saws over 10 inches in diameter, but may be used in any application where diamond tools require good lubrication. Odorless and easy cleanup. Use directly from container, no mixing required.
· Kool Kut Oil, 1 Gallon
· Kool Kut Oil, 2.5 Gallon
Dia-Cut, 16 oz.
Water Soluble Coolant. Recommended for use by faceters and cabbers, this popular water soluble lubricant and coolant was developed by Graves for lapidary cutting, grinding and sanding with diamond tools. Dia-cut contains a special mixture of rust and corrosion inhibitors, wetting and settling agents and a mild detergent for lubrication. This solution is used diluted with water (1 capful per pint) and will prevent premature wear and rust damage to all your nickel bonded, diamond tools. The 16 oz. bottle make 4 gallons of solution.
· Dia-Cut, 16 oz.
· Dia-Cut, Gallon
Diamond Blade Sharpener
Rejuvenate Your Diamond Blade. This sharpener will freshen any diamond tool. To use just cut or drill into this very abrasive material to remove debris and metal to expose fresh diamonds. Stick measures 3/4" x 3/4" x 4" long.
Vinyl Apron
Industrial Grade 8 mil white vinyl apron. Sewn edges and nickel plated snaps across the bottom form a trough to catch water and keep your pants and shoes dry. Detachable straps and grommeted corners. Wipes clean and made to last for years.