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Diamond Tools and Carving

The ALW line of diamond tools and diamond carving supplies is ideal for the hobbiest and professional alike. Diamond drills for beading to diamond grinding wheels for intricate carvings are all included.
Diamond Core Drill, 1.5, 2, 2.5, and 3mm
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11-050.jpg Diamond Core Drill, mm sizes
Diamond coated core drills have a side opening for efficient cooling. Stainless steel body with medium grit nickle bonded diamond. Shank diameter is 3mm.
· Diamond Core Drill, 1.5, 2, 2.5, and 3mm
· Diamond Core Drill, 10mm
· Diamond Core Drill, 11mm
· Diamond Core Drill, 5mm
· Diamond Core Drill, 6.5mm
Core Drills.jpg Diamond Core Drills, inch sizes
Used to cut large holes and round core shapes that can be sliced for further processing. Theses Crystalite brand core drills feature a brazed diamond for long life and aggresive material removal. Use at the recommended RPM with a drill press using a pecking up and down motion. Inside diameter is .08 inch less than the outside diameter.
· Diamond Core Drill, 3.5mm
· Diamond Core Drill, 1/4 in.
· Diamond Core Drill, 5/16 in.
· Diamond Core Drill, 3/8 in.
· Diamond Core Drill, 7/16 in.
· Diamond Core Drill, 1/2 in.
· Diamond Core Drill, 5/8 in.
· Diamond Core Drill, 3/4 in.
· Diamond Core Drill, 1 in.
· Diamond Core Drill, 2 in.
11-015.jpg Diamond Drills
These are your basic metal bonded diamond drill exclusively for stone, glass, or ceramics. Use between 5000 and 20000 RPM. Use with coolant and a up and down pecking motion. Select your size and quantity after you Add to Cart.
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11-009.jpg Diamond Drills - Triple Ripple 6 Pack
These drills from Crystalite feature a brazed diamond for durability. The diamond is bonded a three flute pattern that doubles the cutting speed by flushing away debris and maintain contact between the stone and diamond. Out performs any sintered drill. Available in .75mm, 1.1mm, 1.4mm, 1.8mm, and 2.1mm. Select your size after Add to Cart.
Diamond Drills - Triple Ripple Assorted
This assorted package of the Tripple Ripple drill contains 3 each of the 1.1mm and 1.4mm size.
Diamond Drills - Triple Ripple 25 Pack
Save even more for your production requirements. Available in .75mm, 1.1mm, 1.4mm, 1.8mm, and 2.1mm. Select your size after Add to Cart.
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Price $70.40
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11-042.jpg Diamond Twist Drills
$5.46 $2.50 On Sale!
These twist drills are plated with diamond. Provides a unique profile for working with glass, ceramics, or stone. Select your size after Add to Cart.
Carver Kit.gif Carver Kit
This kit is a great starter package. 3 wheels that are a full 1/8 inch radius coated with 180 grit diamond. Each diamond is brazed to the steel shank for long life, fast cutting and to maintain a precise tool shape. Shank size is 1/8 inch. Diameters are 3/8 inch, 1/2 inch, and 3/4 inch.
Thinflex.jpg Carvers Slitting Kit
This kit can be used for a variety of operations such as slicing, grooving, roughing and smoothing. A 1/16" bore hole is standard for these discs. Comes with mandrel (1/16" arbor hole, 3/32" shank).
pp48-245000.jpg Diamond Disc Set
$18.95 $9.95 On Sale!
These diamond cut-off discs are coated on both sides with 120 grit diamond. This is a versatile tool that can cut, shape, sand, and form a variety of materials. Discs are 3/4 inch diameter (20mm) and come with a 1/8 inch mandrel.
pp48-2414134.jpg Diamond Mini Disc 1 5/8 inch
This is a larger disc than above. Measures 1 5/8 inch diameter and includes 2 mandrels, 1/8 inch and 1/4 inch.
12-124.jpg Diamond File Kit
Perfect for inlay and trimming stones. Carvers find it handy for delicate sculpturing and smoothing. The file is 4" long by 7/16" wide with diamond plating on one side. Kit comes packaged with 2 dram bottle of Crystalube™ brand lubricant. This Diamond File Kit includes one 325 mesh file, one 600 mesh file.
Miniflex.jpg Mini Flex Kit
Mini-Flexodisc™ brand discs are a miniature version of our larger Flexodiscs for Crystalpad™ brand pads, Polypad™ brand pads and diamond pads. Use wet. KIT INCLUDES: · Four 1/2" Flexodisc™ brand discs · Four 1" Flexodisc™ brand discs · Four 1-1/2" Flexodisc™ brand discs · Four 1/2" Polypad™ brand pads · Four 1" Polypad™ brand pads · Four 1-1/2" Polypad™ brand pads · Four 1/2" Pre-Polish Mini-Crystalpad™ brand pads · Four 1" Pre-Polish Mini-Crystalpad™ brand pads · Four 1-1/2" Pre-Polish Mini-Crystalpad™ brand pads · Twelve 1/2" Final Polish Mini-Crystalpad™ brand pads · Twelve 1" Final Polish Mini-Crystalpad™ brand pads · Twelve 1-1/2" Final Polish Mini-Crystalpad™ brand pads · Twelve mandrels
10pc_points.jpg Diamond Point Set 10 pc.
$21.80 $16.95 On Sale!
10 piece set with a 1/4 inch shanck and larger points. 150 mesh.
20pc_points.jpg Diamond Point Set 20 pc.
$17.05 $12.95 On Sale!
20 piece sets feature a smaller profile for detail work. 1/8 inch shank and 150 grit diamond.
12-108.jpg Keyhole Router Kit
This kit includes one each of 1/8 inch and 3/32 inch straight router bit that is coated with 100 grit diamond along 5/8 inch up the shaft. Used for enlarging holes or shaping contours. Also used for fitting inlays and slotting.
12-403.jpg Phenolic Points
These points are used for sanding and polishing your carved surface. Made phenolic, they can be shaped to whatever profile suits your purpose. Use with diamond compound and Extender Fluid lubricant.
18-001.jpg Diamond Wire Blade
Cut Intricate Shapes On Stone, Glass Or Hardened Metal Alloys. Piano wire 5 inches long has been coated with various Diamond Grits and bonded with a nickel plate for maximum life and maximum cutting effectiveness. Use with a Jeweler's Saw Coolant such as Kool-Gel or Aqua-Oil for maximum cutting speed and extended blade life. Available in 60, 100 and 140 grits. Select grit when ordering.
18-002.jpg Diamond Wire Blades
These blades are made from a single strand of 5" long piano wire that has nickel bonded, coarse diamonds encrusted along its length. The best tool for cutting intricate shapes from rock slabs or glass. Use with Jewelers Saw Frames. |The diamond wire is also available BARBED. The barbed diamond wire cuts faster and with less effort than the standard diamond wire blades. Made with double strands of piano wire that contains a heavy coating of coarse, nickel bonded diamond. Sold in 5 inch lengths.
· Diamond Wire Blade - Barbed
· Diamond Wire Blade - Standard
· Diamond Wire Saw and Blade - Barbed
· Diamond Wire Saw and Blade - Standard