Faceting and Polishing Laps

Gemstone cutting and polishing laps from Crystalite, Graves,Raytech, Ultra laps and Dia-film are all featured. Cutting and polishing agents for everything from opals to corundum are available.
attack.jpeg Attack Solvent - 8 oz.
Dissolve epoxy cements with this liquid without harming most surrounding materials. Used to separate bonded parts such as stones from dops or remove excess epoxy.
08-625.jpg Adhesive Devcon Epoxy 5 Min.
Supplied in an easy to use syringe dispenser, this 2 part epoxy is extruded ready for mixing. Great for dopping stones, assembling jewelry and repairing antiques. Bonds to metal, wood, glass, plastics, stones etc. Dries clear.
Batt-Lap.jpeg Batt Lap
A good, solid cast tin alloy pre-polishing and polishing lap. This hard alloy allows the casting to be rigid enough to serve as a solid lap, rather than the two part tin/aluminum backing. It has proven to be a very popular general purpose polishing lap. 8 inch size only.
Polishing Laps
Extender Fluid, 16 oz.
This extender fluid is used to thin, lubricate and dissipate diamond compound or powder. Will not harm laps or polishing spools. At times this fluid is used to enhance any of the Tumble-Dry Medias when they become "dusty". Sold in 16 oz bottles.
Falcon Diamond Polishing Spray, Vials
This formulation was developed by Graves for the Graves Falcon Ceramic Lap. Ultra-pure carrier with DeBeers diamonds are combined in a high silicone base to provide the ultimate in silky smooth polishing with brilliant finishes. Exceptional on other polishing laps that normally utilize conventional diamond spray. Available in 14000, 50000, 100000 and 200000 grits. Select the proper grit at time of ordering.
Dia-Lube, Lubricant
Provides a better polish with less scratches. Excellent for pre-polishing and polishing operations with diamond. Can also be used as an extender for diamond powders, compounds or sprays. This non-toxic and non-flammable spray will not evaporate. Supplied in 2 oz. plastic bottles with a spray pump.
Ultralaps.jpg Ultra Laps
The Easiest And Cleanest Way To Polish. These precoated polyester film discs |provide a neat and clean way to polish faceted stones. A uniform layer of carefully graded polishing compound is deposited onto a thin polyester film. The laps are used with water coolant and there is no need to handle messy slurries. They are supplied 5 discs per package and each has a 1/2" arbor hole. The assortment kit contains 6 discs (2 each of the Cerium, Tin and Aluminum Oxides). Can be used on any flat lap surface. Just wet the surface of the lap and the film remains in place yet can be easily removed. Choose from the type and size from the list below:
Ultra Laps, 6 in. Aluminum Oxide $7.50
Ultra Laps, 6 in. Chromium Oxide $7.50
Ultra Laps, 6 in. Spectra $10.95
Ultra Laps, 6 in. Tin Oxide $7.50
Ultra Laps, 6 in. Cerium Oxide $7.95
Ultra Laps, 6 in. Assorted $8.25
Ultra Laps, 8 in. Aluminum Oxide $9.95
Ultra Laps, 8 in. Chromium Oxide $9.95
Ultra Laps, 8 in. Spectra $14.95
Ultra Laps, 8 in. Tin Oxide $9.95
Ultra Laps, 8 in. Cerium Oxide $13.75
Ultra Laps, 8 in. Assorted $15.25
DiaFilm.jpg Dia-Film Polishing Discs
Polish Facets With Precoated Diamond Discs.The diamonds are precoated on a 3 mil thick film, making this the easiest way to polish with diamonds. Available in 6 or 8 inch diameter with a hole to fit 1/2" arbor. Color coded for easy recognition. Used the same way as Ultralaps. Available in 6" and 8" diameter sizes and 1200 - 3000 - 8000 - 14000 and 50000 grits.
Diafilm, 6 inch dia. $17.95
Diafilm, 8 inch dia. $29.97
lapcase.gif Lap Case
The Ideal Way To Protect Those Expensive Laps From Getting Contaminated. These plastic cases give total protection and will not scratch your laps or discs. Can be used for 6" or 8" diameter laps. Buy a set of 6 and SAVE!
Lap Case, Individual $6.60
Lap Case, Set of 6 $30.00
08-628.jpg 2 Part Epoxy - 330
A water clear 2 part epoxy that takes a very high polish. Great for inlay work. Curing time is 1 hour at 70 F or 10 minutes at 200 F. Sold in 1 oz. metal tubes or 4 oz. plastic bottles.
Adhesive Epoxy 330, 1 OZ. $3.75
Adhesive Epoxy 330, 4 OZ. $15.44
plasticlap.jpg Plastic Polishing Laps
Use As A Support For Ultralaps, Diafilm Or Score For Use With Oxide Polishing Powder. These clear acrylic discs can be scored for use with polishing agents such as Cerium or Aluminum Oxide; or they can be used as backing discs for Ultralaps. 1/2" arbor hole. Available in 6" or 8" diameters and either 1/4" or 1/2" thickness.
Plastic Lap, 6 x 1/2 inch $17.06
Plastic Lap, 6 x 1/4 inch $8.55
Plastic Lap, 8 x 1/2 inch $21.80
Plastic Lap, 8 x 1/4 inch $11.35
Phenolic.jpg Phenolic Polishing Laps
These phenolic laps are used to polish stones by charging with diamond or conventional polishing agents. The tough Phenolic disc is cemented on a 3/8" thick aluminum base plate for added stability. 1/2" arbor hole. Available in 6" and 8" diameters.
Phenolic Lap, 6 inch dia. $49.97
Phenolic Lap, 8 inch dia. $71.70
tin.jpg Tin Polishing Laps
For Polishing With Diamond. An 1/8 inch thick layer of fine grained, rolled tin is bonded to an aluminum Master Lap and turned true. This lap will not develop an orange peel surface common with some other tin laps. 1/2" arbor hole.
Tin Lap, 6 inch dia, $159.90
Tin Lap, 8 inch dia, $233.00
copper.jpg Copper Polishing Laps
Make Your Own Grinding Or Sanding Laps.The lap is made with a pure copper disc set on a master lap. The lap can easily be charged with diamond powder using a recharge roller. Excellent for use with 3,000 or 8,000 grit diamond to give a fine pre-polish. 1/2" arbor hole. Available in 6 and 8 inch diameters.
Copper Lap, 6 inch dia. $56.97
Copper Lap, 8 inch dia. $75.97
Zinc Lap
This lap was re-introduced by Gearloose Lapidary as an excellent pre-polishing lap when used with 8000 mesh diamond and extender fluid. Available in 8 inch only.
Lastlap.jpg Last Lap - Polishing laps
Polish With Diamonds. This lap has a powdered metal surface that is bonded into an |epoxy matrix and set on a cast master lap. The hard surface produced by this technique resists grooving and gouging. Furnished with 50,000 grit slurry, 1/2" arbor hole.
Last Lap 6 inch dia. $113.90
Last Lap 8 inch dia. $132.35
master.jpg Master Lap - Polishing Laps
A Base Lap Used As A Support. This uncharged aluminum lap is used as a base for other laps such as Ultralaps or Plastic laps. Precisely ground flat and parallel with 1/2" arbor hole.
Master Lap, 6 inch dia. $19.95
Master Lap, 8 inch dia. $31.45
topcutter.jpg Top Cutter Faceting Laps
A Low Cost Alternative to standard faceting laps. Used extensively by professional cutters overseas, ALW is pleased to offer these metal bonded diamond faceting plates to our customers. Basically, these plates are the standard diamond faceting lap without the aluminum backing disc. Reconditionng of your old laps is now easy. Use them to replace your old worn out lap or buy a complete set and use them with one master lap. These faceting plates are especially popular in the coarser grit sizes for fast preforming. TopCutters can also be used on cabbing units using flat discs. Available in 6 and 8 inch sizes with 1/2" arbor hole.
Topcutter, 6 inch dia. - 80 Grit $58.50
Topcutter, 6 inch dia. - 100 Grit $58.50
Topcutter, 6 inch dia. - 180 Grit $49.50
Topcutter, 6 inch dia. - 260 Grit $36.00
Topcutter, 6 inch dia. - 360 Grit $36.00
Topcutter, 6 inch dia. - 600 Grit $33.30
Topcutter, 6 inch dia. - 1200 Grit $29.70
Topcutter, 8 inch dia. - 80 Grit $76.50
Topcutter, 8 inch dia. - 100 Grit $67.50
Topcutter, 8 inch dia. - 180 Grit $58.50
Topcutter, 8 inch dia. - 260 Grit $45.00
Topcutter, 8 inch dia. - 360 Grit $45.00
Topcutter, 8 inch dia. - 600 Grit $41.40
Topcutter, 8 inch dia. - 1200 Grit $41.40
FL8_graves.jpg Standard Faceting Laps
Electrobonded Diamond Laps. The most popular lap for all faceters. These flat laps are prepared with precisely graded diamonds, metal bonded with nickel on an aluminum base plate. 1/2" arbor hole.
Lap, 6X100 Grit - Standard $59.00
Lap, 6X180 Grit - Standard $59.00
Lap, 6X260 Grit - Standard $50.00
Lap, 6X360 Grit - Standard $49.00
Lap, 6X600 Grit - Standard $43.00
Lap, 6X1200 Grit - Standard $87.00
Lap, 6X3000 Grit - Standard $99.00
Lap, 8X100 Grit - Standard $85.00
Lap, 8X180 Grit - Standard $70.00
Lap, 8X260 Grit - Standard $62.00
Lap, 8X360 Grit - Standard $63.00
Lap, 8X600 Grit - Standard $59.00
Lap, 8X1200 Grit - Standard $59.00
Lap, 8X3000 Grit - Standard $87.00
FL8_steel.jpg Solid Steel Faceting Laps
Diamond Plated Laps. Made for the faceter who requires an absolutely flat and parallel surface. 1/2" arbor hole.
Lap, 6X100 Grit - Solid Steel $120.60
Lap, 6X180 Grit - Solid Steel $114.30
Lap, 6X260 Grit - Solid Steel $98.10
Lap, 6X600 Grit - Solid Steel $74.70
Lap, 6X1200 Grit - Solid Steel $82.80
Lap, 6X3000 Grit - Solid Steel $106.20
Lap, 8X100 Grit - Solid Steel $176.40
Lap, 8X180 Grit - Solid Steel $118.80
Lap, 8X260 Grit - Solid Steel $103.50
Lap, 8X600 Grit - Solid Steel $90.00
Lap, 8X1200g Grit - Solid Steel $93.60
Lap, 8X3000 Grit - Solid Steel $117.90
FL8C_graves.jpg Grooved Disc Faceting Laps
For Faster, Cleaner Cutting. A premium metal bonded diamond lap with island type plateaus separated by channel depressions. The channels permit the rapid removal of cutting debris providing a faster yet slightly coarser cut than is achieved with a standard disc. 1/2" arbor holes.
Lap, 6X100 Grit - Grooved $129.25
Lap, 6X180 Grit - Grooved $59.00
Lap, 6X260 Grit - Grooved $50.00
Lap, 6X360 Grit - Grooved $49.00
Lap, 6X600 Grit - Grooved $43.00
Lap, 6X1200 Grit - Grooved $43.00
Lap, 8X180 Grit - Grooved $70.00
Lap, 8X260 Grit - Grooved $62.00
Lap, 8 X 360 Grit - Grooved $63.00
Lap, 8X600 Grit - Grooved $59.00
Lap, 8X1200 Grit - Grooved $59.00
RippleDisc.jpg Ripple Disc - Faceting Laps
Fast Cutting, Aggressive Laps. Top of the line for extremely fast cutting. Tops of the ripples wear, exposing fresh diamond and making this 180 grit disc cut like a 60 grit, yet it remains sharper for a longer period. 1/2" arbor hole.
Lap, 6X180 Grit - Ripple $119.50
Lap, 8X180 Grit - Ripple $149.50
Linde A Polishing Compound
This is our best and purest grade of Aluminum Oxide. The uniform size and shape of the particles make this an excellent polishing compound for faceting. Mix with water to form a slurry. A superb polishing agent for natural gems such as andalusite, apatite, beryls, feldspar, fluorite, garnets, opal, peridot, quartz, spinel, topaz, tourmaline and zircon. 0.3 micron.
Linde A Polishing Compound, 1 oz. $17.00
Linde A Polishing Compound, 1 lb. $221.95
Linde B Polishing Compound
A superb polishing grade of Aluminum Oxide for softer stones. Use on a tin or lead-tin polishing lap at slow speed for best results. Mix with water to form slurry. 0.05 micron.
Linde B Polishing Compound, 1 oz. $17.00
Linde B Polishing Compound, 1 lb. $221.95
Cerium Oxide Polishing Compound
Developed specifically for polishing softer gems such as quartz and beryls. Extremely accurate control of the particle size gives a bright, clear finish to soft stones in a very short time. Mixed with water this compound is generally used on phenolic or plastic laps.
Cerium Oxide Polishing Compound, 4 oz Jar $7.25
Cerium Oxide Polishing Compound, 1 lb. $24.75
Cerium Oxide Polishing Compound, 5 lbs. $97.00
Cerium Oxide Polishing Compound, 10 lbs. $194.00
DiaPowder.jpg Diamond Polishing Powders
The Finest Available. Diamond abrasive in this form is the most preferred and economical for polishing and grinding gemstones. Each vial contains 100% pure De Beers, sharp, block diamond particles. The powder can be used with extender fluid to charge copper, lead, tin, lead-tin and phenolic laps and spools. Diamond will polish any gem material. Available in either 5 or 100 carat vials in 100, 180, 220, 325, 600, 1200, 3000, 8000, 14000, 50000 and 100,000 grit. Choose the proper grit during ordering.
Diamond Powder, 100 ct 100 to 8,000 Grit $52.00
Diamond Powder, 100 ct 14,000 to 100,000 Grit $49.00
Diamond Powder, 5ct 100 to 8,000 Grit $12.60
Diamond Powder, 5ct 14,000 Grit $9.02
Diamond Powder, 5ct 50,000 Grit $9.02
Diamond Powder, 5ct 100000 Grit $9.97
DiaSprays.jpg Diamond Polishing Sprays
The Proffesional's Choice. This convenient form of applying diamonds for polishing is now available in a new formulation. Extended shelf life and better lubricating properties make this G1 type spray the best available. With a non aerosol spray for applying a fine mist , DeBeers diamonds provide the best quality and value for polishing. Each bottle is clearly labeled with grit size for easy identification.
Diamond Spray, 600 Grit $9.45
Diamond Spray, 1,200 Grit $9.45
Diamond Spray, 3,000 Grit $9.45
Diamond Spray, 8,000 Grit $9.45
Diamond Spray, 14,000 Grit $8.07
Diamond Spray, 50,000 Grit $8.07
Diamond Spray, 100,000 Grit $8.07
Diamond Spray, 200,000 Grit $8.07
DiaCompound.jpg Diamond Compounds
The Easy Way To Apply Measured Amounts Of Diamond. The diamond particles are interspersed in a grease-like, base carrier fluid filled in a syringe. Thin with extender fluid and apply to the polishing surface. Each syringe contains 20% more diamonds then the standard lapidary brands. Available in 1, 2 and 5 gram syringes with grits of 240, 325, 600, 1200, 3000, 8000, 14000, 50000 and 10000. Select the vial size and grit range from the list below and the proper grit during ordering.
Diamond Compound, 1 Gram 240 to 3,000 Grit $5.93
Diamond Compound, 1 Gram 8,000 Grit $4.51
Diamond Compound, 1 Gram 14,000 to 100,000 Grit $3.15
Diamond Compound, 2 Gram 240 to 3,000 Grit $10.92
Diamond Compound, 2 Gram 8,000 Grit $8.07
Diamond Compound, 2 Gram 14,000 to 100,000 Grit $4.75
Diamond Compound, 5 Gram 240 to 3,000 Grit $20.25
Diamond Compound, 5 Gram 8,000 Grit $16.20
Diamond Compound, 5 Gram 14,000 to 100,000 Grit $9.45
photon.jpeg Photon II Micro-Light
Photon II Micro-Light. We could not get over how bright and handy this light truly is! Just a great tool for examining gem rough of any type because is blazes a full spectrum, true color light. Yet weighs only 5 grams and runs on a long lasting lithium battery. Tough unbreakable LED bulb and polyurethane case carries a manufacturers lifetime guarantee. Just a great gift idea!
Quantity   1 - 4     5+  
Price $19.90 $17.90