Faceting Machines

The finest faceting machines from the Ultra-tech and Facetron to the ecomonical Graves Mark IV and Mark I will suit the most demanding faceter. Accessories and packages are available for added savings.
markiv.jpg Graves Mark IV Faceting Machines
The Best Value Faceting Machine Package In The World Designed specifically for the home - small, light-weight, easy to store and portable! An exactly duplicate of the proven Mark I machine except for the motor, switch and cabinet. A high speed, powerful, permanent magnet motor nestles inside the 17 inch cabinet together with a continuously variable speed controller. Faceting head and mast are investment cast aluminum/magnesium alloys that are machined and fitted to extremely close tolerances. All spindles and bar stock are precision-turned stainless steel for maximum durability and lasting beauty. All components are of space-saver size with the performance of a full size faceting machine. The faster running Mark IV will speed preforming and occasional cabochon work. Comes with a solid state speed controller and an on/off switch coupled to a high speed permanent magnet motor. The belt, pulleys, switch and extra long 3-conductor cord are factory assembled and wired to produce a full power continuously variable speed range of 0 to 600 RPM! Just plug it in and it's ready to run. The sturdy castings are assembled on a handsome 9 1/2" x 17 1/2" walnut mica cabinet for easy cleaning and lasting beauty. Angle indicator includes a 1/10 degree vernier for accurate settings.|Standard Features include: 100 watt lamp, Drip Tank, Dop Set (14 dops and a table dop) Transfer Fixture, Instruction Book (Fundamental Faceting), Girdle Aligner, Tools and Wheel Wick.|Choose either the Complete Package or the Machine Only Below:|The complete set includes: 8" 360 Grit Grooved Disc Diamond Lap, 8" 1200 Grit Diamond Lap, 8" plastic lap, stick shellac, Package of Assorted Ultralaps and a bottle of Dia-Cut. Please allow at least 6-8 weeks for delivery.
· Graves Mark IV Faceting Machine Complete
· Graves Mark IV Faceting Machine, Only
· Graves Mark IV Faceting Machine Complete, 220V 50 Hz
· Graves Mark IV Faceting Machine, Only 220V 50 Hz
mk5xl.jpg Graves Mark 5XL Right Hand Mast
The Mark 5XL Faceting Machine from Graves featuring a digital angle display meter. This design allows users to truly "cut to the numbers" utilizing a simple digital display that is stable, repeatable, and accurate. Field tested by actual faceters, both amateur and professional. The Mark 5XL faceting head features an electronic angle scale that is repeatable to better than .02 degrees, calibrated 0-90 degrees to 2 arc-minutes (+/-.03 degrees). Precision laboratory grade electronics are used throughout the design. In cutting tests, it has approximately ten times the sensitivity of an LED "Down Light", and allows cutting "To the Numbers". This method of faceting allows you set your angle, index setting and depth, then simply let the easy to read digital display tell you when to stop cutting. A inch case hardened stainless steel mast provides rigidity to avoid over cutting due to mast defection. The coarse height adjustment collar will not drop when loosened and provides a fast setting. The fine height adjustment micrometer head is supplied with .001" increment marking. A 9 volt battery powers the electronics providing up to 250 hours of cutting time. No wires or power supplies to get in the way. Please allow at least 6-8 weeks for delivery. MARK 5XL Faceting Machine. Includes the following:

Digital Faceting Head

96 Index Plate

Transfer Fixture

Table Dop

Standard Dop Set (14 Assorted dops)

Introduction to Meetpoint Faceting" Book

Drip tank and work lamp

Graves Mark 5XL Left hand Mast
Graves Mark 5XL Right Hand Mast, Export
Graves Mark 5XL Left Hand Mast, Export