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Faceting Accessories

Faceting accessories for the Graves Faceting machines and the Ultratec and Facetron are featured with a vast selection of dops, preformer supplies, transfer fixtures, lap holders and index plates.
Dops_L.JPG 1/4 inch Brass Faceting Dops
With 30 different types and sizes of high quality, brass dops, This is one of the largest selections of dops in the industry. All of the dops are manufactured from solid brass and come with a precision turned 1/4" shank. The brass construction of these dops avoids corrosion problems that can occur with less expensive aluminum. For ease of orientation each of the flat and cone dops are keyed with a 1/16" hole drilled into the turned shaft. Rectangular stones that are cut using the Vee dops are easily set by positioning the long side of the stone square with the lap. Please select the shape and size from the order menu.
· Faceting Dops - 1/16in thru 1/4in sizes
· Faceting Dops - 5/16in thru 5/8in
· Faceting Dops - 3/4in and 1 inch
standard_dop.jpeg Dop Set Standard
A preferred beginners dop set, this standard dop set includes the 14 most popular dops - 1/2, 3/8, 5/16, 1/4, 3/16, and 1/8" Flat - 3/8, and 1/4" Vee - 1/2, 3/8, 5/16, 1/4, 3/16, and 1/8" Cone shaped dops and a table dop (used to cut the table on a gem). Packaged in a sturdy, handsome wooden block for convenience and easy storage. For use on Graves machines.
prodop.JPG Professional Dop Set
A complete assortment of each of the 30 brass dops availale in our Brass Dop collection - 1/16" up to 1" in Flat, Vee and Cone shapes. Table dop is not included. Packaged in a sturdy, handsome wooden block for convenience and easy storage.
tabledop.jpeg Table Dop
A dop block which accepts standard 1/4" dops and is used to cut the table or top of the stone.
transfix_L.JPG Faceting Transfer Fixtures
Available in either two or three post models. Each is made from a special aluminum alloy with precision milled V grooves to provide proper alignment during the transfer of a gem from one dop to another. The dops are held in place with adjustable, spring loaded clamps and the fixture is made to stand upright or on either end for ease of use. The three post model is used to facilitate centering of the stone during transfer. The Deluxe Transfer Fixture is a precise fixture for accurate transfer of stones. Designed to utilize the alignment holes in Graves dops to insure very accurate transfer.
· Transfer Fixture, 2 Post
· Transfer Fixture, 3 Post
dophand.JPG Delrin Dop Handle
Preform Your Dopped Stone With This Special Handle. This unique handle made |of delrin accepts any standard 1/4" dop and holds it firmly with friction. After dopping use this handle to grip the stone for hand preforming or when grinding the crown of a cabochon. Saves the time needed for redopping. Measures 1/2" in diameter by 4" in length, 2 per package.
girdle.JPG Girdle Attachment
For Cutting Perfect Girdles. This attachment is secured to the Graves faceting machine and the V groove provides a “steady rest” for the dop spindle. Height adjustments are easily made with the built-in screw. The attachment is excellent for cutting a perfect girdle or for speeding preforming operations, because it prevents deflection of the dop. Made from brass and aircraft aluminum and packaged with a full set of instructions and a hex key.
offset.jpg Offset Preformer
This handy tool allows you to quickly and accurately preform any oval or marquise shape directly on your faceting machine. The offset preformer fits any standard 1/4" dop spindle and comes complete with hex key and step-by-step illustrated instructions.
index.JPG Index Plates
Graves manufactures a series of high quality, all aluminum index plates to suit almost every need. Each plate will fit any Graves facetor (and several others also) and is permanently engraved with lines and numbers. Index plates can be changed easily without the need for any tools. Available in 32, 40, 48, 64, 72, 80, 96, and 120 tooth. Select after Add to Cart.
Index Plates, Set of 7
Save by purchasing a set of index plates, contains one of each except 32 tooth (normally supplied with the nachine).
roller.JPG Recharge Roller
Made from precision hardened, polished steel, this hand roller recharges copper, tin/lead or phenolic laps. Has a Rockwell hardness of 62 and is easy to use. Just add about 12 drops of extender fluid to a carat vial of diamond powder and evenly spread over the surface of the lap. Using the roller, imbed the diamond particles into the surface of the lap so they are more than half buried. When recharging laps use a clean, flat table and roll in straight, overlapping lines, do not roll with the lap revolving. Do not use on metal bonded laps.
Quickie Nut, 1/2 in. - 20
This specially machined nut is designed to slip over the spindle to the work surface and then with a single twist, lock the piece securely in place. The quickie nut has a knurled end for easy hand tightening so it does not require any tools. Saves time and will not mar or damage spindle threads. Fits most faceting machines and any 1/2" - 20, right handed spindle.
02-064.jpg Lap Nut, 1/2 in. - 20
Same as the quickie nut except with conventional 1/2" - 20 threads. All aluminum construction with knurled end for hand operation. Fits the Graves Mark I and Mark IV Faceting machines.
score.JPG Scoring Tool
Small indentations made with this tool helps to speed polishing by holding the polishing agent in small niches on the surface of the lap. Place the lap on a clean hard surface and score out from the center, to the end with the wheel. The scoring tool will work on all copper, tin, zinc, plastic and phenolic laps. Can not be used with diamond or ceramic laps. Measures 9 1/2" in length and an extra large handle for firm gripping.
brasscalipers Brass Calipers
Measure Stones In Millimeters. Measure stones with these handy, rugged brass calipers. Ideal for the shop or when traveling. Small enough to fit in a pocket, they can measure inside or outside dimensions in either inches or millimeters. Capacity 3 - 1/4" (80mm).
Dia-Cut, 16 oz.
Water Soluble Coolant. Recommended for use by faceters and cabbers, this popular water soluble lubricant and coolant was developed by Graves for lapidary cutting, grinding and sanding with diamond tools. Dia-cut contains a special mixture of rust and corrosion inhibitors, wetting and settling agents and a mild detergent for lubrication. This solution is used diluted with water (1 capful per pint) and will prevent premature wear and rust damage to all your nickel bonded, diamond tools. The 16 oz. bottle make 4 gallons of solution.
· Dia-Cut, 16 oz.
alcohollamp Alcohol Lamp
A "tilt-type" alcohol lamp that can be operated from any angle. Made with heavy, clear glass and nickel plated metal parts. Used to melt any type of dopping wax. Holds 4 oz. of denatured alcohol (available separately) and comes with a safety cap, chain and 1/4" wick.
· Alcohol Lamp
· Alcohol Lamp Wicks 12 Pack
sticksch.jpeg Stick Shellac - 2 Bars
Used primarily for dopping stones which are to be faceted. This high temperature shellac provides the extra holding power needed when faceting stones. The shellac is readily dissolved in alcohol, permitting the stones to be easily removed. Melts at 176 degrees Fahrenheit. Two bars per package, approximate size of each bar is 5/8 x 3/8 x 3 5/8.
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Price $13.65 $11.65
preformer-graves.jpeg Preformer Attachment
Made by the Graves Company. Take the guess work out of shaping and sizing cabochons and faceted stones. Simply assemble the proper cam, turn the handwheel and the preformer will guide the grinding of the stone to the precise size and shape of the cam. Easily adapts to most grinding and faceting machines (only known exception is the Diamond Demon). To save time - stack up to four cabs together and preform all at the same time. The preformer, as supplied, includes a slide base plate with mounting bracket, two 1/4" dops, one dop handle and four of our most popular cams (25mm round, 30x22mm and 40x30mm oval, 22x11mm marquise). Additional precision molded nylon cams are available as a package, see Item No. 13-031. For special sizes or shapes, machined metal or nylon cams can be made in your own workshop.The preformer is supplied with brackets to mount to the Cab-Mate or any machine with a vertical surface. For mounting on faceting machines or other grinding machines a special bracket may be required - see PREFORMER BRACKETS.

The Preformer Package includes the attachment, drivemotor, cam set, and preformer bracket.

· Preformer Attachment
· Preformer Cams, Assortment
· Preformer Drive Motor
· Preformer Bracket
· Preformer Package
photon.jpeg Photon II Micro-Light
Photon II Micro-Light. We could not get over how bright and handy this light truly is! Just a great tool for examining gem rough of any type because is blazes a full spectrum, true color light. Yet weighs only 5 grams and runs on a long lasting lithium battery. Tough unbreakable LED bulb and polyurethane case carries a manufacturers lifetime guarantee. Just a great gift idea!
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Price $19.90 $17.90