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Cabochon Machines

Cabochon and gemstone polishing machines are available for the hobbiest or the professional. Diamond Pacific and Graves machines are featured. We also offer other machinery for the cabber - please inquire.
cabking-6.jpg CabKing 6 Wheeler
$1,499.00 $1,399.00 On Sale!

The new re-designed CabKing 6 Wheeler Cabochon Grinder/Polisher is a complete 6" diamond grinding/polishing machine. Equipped with a heavy duty ¼ hp, single phase motor trunning at 1800 rpm. Also comes with a 30 watt, 605 GPH, 110/115 volt pump. Even a high intensity LED work lamp! The direct drive motor and separate submersible pump reduce maintenance. Individual on/off water shut off valves above each wheel, also for right and left hand grinding/polishing pads allows easy of movement from wheel to wheel to disc. The drainage system eliminates having to constantly discard pan water. Heavy-duty base board, aluminum splash hoods, plastic pad with drain holes, comes with four side splash guards, and a front hand rest. It even include a plastic apron, tools, clear plastic goggles, and  complete instructions. One (1) each 6" x 1-½" 80 mesh and 220 mesh metal bonded diamond grinding wheels, (4) 6" x 1-½" diamond resin bond wheels a 280 mesh, a 600 mesh, a 1200 mesh, and a 3000 mesh. Also a 6" 360 mesh TopCutter with a 6 inch master lap and a 5-½" ¼-20 right hand Quickie Disc with a Crystalpad polishing pad and a 2 gram of syringe of 14,000 diamond compound with Diamond Extender Fluid. One year limited warranty. Overall size is 27" long x 13" deep x 12" high. Weighs 56 lbs.

6 Wheeler, EXPORT
Export version featuring 220 volt, 50hz motor and pump.
cabmate.jpg Graves Cabmate

Saw, Grind, Sand and Polish on this all-in-one cabbing and glass restoration machine. This sturdy unit is made from a high quality, cast, aluminum-magnesium base to provide years of dependable use. The most versatile cabbing machine on the market, this unit offers clean operation (no plumbing required), a compact size; only 10 1/2" x 19 1/2" of space required and it weighs only 30 pounds. The powerful 115 volt AC, 60 Hz motor can handle any job with ease.


Includes the assembled unit with a package of diamond accessories which includes a 6 x .012 Diamond blade, 180 Grit diamond wheel (6 x 1 1/2), 600 Grit Thin Disc (6 inch), a set of three pads, Diamond Compounds 325, 1200 and 50,000 Grit as well as dop sticks and dop wax.

The Silicon Carbide package is equivalent to the Complete Diamond Package with the exception that the cutting wheels are silicon carbide. The Assembled Unit - Add your own grinding and polishing accessories to this complete machine. Includes the sturdy Magnesium-Aluminum alloy casting with an assembled, dual, sealed ball bearing arbor, saw table, bezel table, splash guard, arbor pulley and quick disc. The casting is assembled on a wood base with splash pan, drip tank, work lamp and 2-speed motor with belts and belt guard. The Basic Unit is for the Do-It-Yourself(er). Includes the following: Saw table, angled Bezel Grinding Table, Splash Guard, Aluminum Magnesium Alloy Cast Housing, Special Hardened Steel double ball bearing Arbor and all the required nuts, bolts, washers, Arbor pully and quick disc. Add a motor and grinding/cutting tools. Choose the model you need below:
· Graves Cabmate All Diamond
· Graves Cabmate Assembled
· Graves Cabmate Basic Unit
14-013.jpg Bezel Table - Cabmate
These tables are designed to fit the Graves Cab-Mate or Cab/6 and allows the user to accurately cut bezels on cabochons at the proper angle. The wing nuts allow quick and easy mounting and it can also be used as a tool rest.
· Graves Cabmate, Bezel Table
Cabmate Saw Table
Designed to fit around the 6" saw blades for the cabochon machines, this table offers good support when sawing small slabs. A guiding edge is built into the table to facilitate cutting with the Rock Vise Item No. N-011. Supplied with bracket for mounting to the Cabmate. (Already included in all versions of the Cabmate)
spool-polishier Spool Polisher

For polishing opal, turquoise and even agates. The low cost sander and polisher for opals, turquoise and other soft stones. An excellent machine for the final polishing of hard stones, such as agate and star sapphire.

Convenient and Quick, No Wheels to Change

Quiet Operation. Rubber Mounted and Perfectly Balanced

Dependable. Guaranteed for a Full Year - Parts and Labor

Clean. There’s No Need for Water Coolant

Small and Lightweight. Measures 9" X 13" and Weighs Just 8 1/4 lbs.

Generates No Heat. Perfect for Opal, Turquoise and Other Delicate Stones

The spool, made from a phenolic resin, exclusive to the Graves machine, will not warp, crack or chip and does not generate heat making it perfect for the polishing of delicate stones. The spool is manufactured to accept 6 different grades of diamond grit and designed so you can polish either flat or curved surfaces. To use the polisher just take a dopped cabochon that has been ground on a 220 grit grinding wheel and apply a dab of 325 grit diamond compound to the first hub on the polisher. Work the stone into the 2 inch section of the revolving spool. The gem is then wiped clean and the next finer grit is applied to the adjacent section. The process is repeated (with an occasional drop of extender fluid) until all six steps have been completed. It takes only a few minutes and after several cabs have been finished, the spool will become charged and only an occasional dab of compound will be needed to recharge the unit. The unit comes complete with a 120V 60 Hz UL approved motor (220V not available) with overload protection.


2 grams 50,000 grit diamond compound

2 grams 14,000 grit diamond compound

1 gram 8,000 grit diamond compound

1 gram 1,200 grit diamond compound

1 gram 600 grit diamond compound

1 gram 325 grit diamond compound

2 ounces diamond extender fluid

· Spool Polisher Drivebelt
· Spool Polisher, Basic Unit
· Spool Polisher, Complete
pixie.jpg Diamond Pacific Pixie Cabochon Machine

Pixie. 4 inch wheels Comes complete. Includes one piece housing on a 14 1/2" x 18" Formica Baseboard, 1/8 hp motor, Spra-Mist coolant system, one 80 grit and one 220 grit 4" x1 1/4" Galaxy metal-bond diamond grinding wheels, one set of four 4" x 1 1/4" Nova resin-bond diamond sanding and polishing wheels (One each 280, 600, 1200, and 3,000 grit), one 15" flex stem lamp, one 4" treated canvas polishing pad, 2 grams 14,000 grit diamond compound, handy cab rest, base for geyser, 4 oz. bottle of Water Aid, set of two splash guards, manual and a book "How To Use Diamond Abrasives". Included are safety glasses.

Drop Ships from Diamond Pacific. California sales tax added for California Residents.
· Diamond Pacific Pixie Cabochon Machine
genie.JPG Diamond Pacific Genie Cabochon Machine

Genie 6 inch wheels. Comes complete including two 6" x 1 1/2" Galaxy diamond grinding wheels (80 and 200 grit), four 6" x 1 1/2" Nova sanding and polishing wheels (280, 600, 1200 and 3,000 grits), 18" lamp, 15" cab rest, 5 1/2" canvas polishing pad, two grams 50,000 diamond compound, 4 oz. bottle Water Aid, splash guards, manual and book. Safety glasses included.

Machine measures 29 in. x 15 in. x 12 in. Magnifier is sold seperately Drop ships from Diamond Pacific. California residents add applicable California sales tax.
· Diamond Pacific Genie Cabochon Machine
titan.jpg Diamond Pacific Titan Cabochon Machine

Titan. 7 5/8 inch wheels. Comes complete. Includes 3/4 hp, 1800 rpm, 115/230V industrially rated motor on a 16" x 42" Formica baseboard, double pump Spra-Mist coolant system, cast aluminum quick-change hoods and pans, one 80 grit and one 220 grit 7 5/8" x 1 1/2" Galaxy metal-bond diamond grinding wheels, one set of four 7 5/8" x 2" Nova resin-bond diamond sanding and polishing wheels (one each 280, 600, 1200 and 3,000 grit) two 24" flex stem lamp (not as denoted in picture - optional lamp available as an option for an additional $ 46.75), one 5 1/2" treated canvas pad, special disc geyser for laps, cab rest, two grams 50,000 diamond polishing compound, set of splash guards, sample bottle Water Aid, and a manual. Includes safety glasses. PLEASE NOTE THAT ONLY ONE OF THE LAMPS PICTURED COMES WITH THE MACHINE. THE ADDITIONAL LAMP IS AVAILABLE FOR $51.00.

Drop ships from Diamond Pacific. California residents are charged applicable California sales tax. This item ships via UPS ONLY or AIR FREIGHT OUTSIDE OF NORTH AMERICA!
· Diamond Pacific Titan Cabochon Machine
The Boxer
Make gemstone boxes with perfect mitered joints. The boxer is used to hold a slab at an angle so the sides can be ground to 45 degrees.
TRIM_ATTACH.jpg Genie Trim Saw Attachment
Easy to install and use - requires no tools. Simply remove the three Nova wheels on the right side of the Genie, place the saw pan under the shaft, mount the blade on the adapter and spin it into the right hand shaft. Slip the table and hood into place, fill with water and you're ready to go. Supplied with an 8" continuous rim sintered blade (.032 x 1" Bore). Not recommended for blades other than .032" rims. This item is drop shipped from Diamond Pacific.