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Cabochon Accessories

A wide assortment of cabbochon accessories is listed for the Graves and Diamond Pacific cabochon machines. You will also find handy accessories to help you with the art of cabbing.
14-013.jpg Graves Cabmate, Bezel Table
Designed for the Graves CabMate, this neat little attachment will allow you to cut an accurate bezel on your cabs so that they will fit standard commercial settings.
Cabmate Saw Table
Designed to fit around the 6" saw blades for the cabochon machines, this table offers good support when sawing small slabs. A guiding edge is built into the table to facilitate cutting with the Rock Vise Item No. N-011. Supplied with bracket for mounting to the Cabmate. (Already included in all versions of the Cabmate)
Carving Chuck, 1/2-20
Drill, carve stones, or buff jewelry. Designed to fit the Cab-Mate arbor, this quality chuck will hold even the smallest objects and fits 1/2" - 20 threaded spindles. Requires no chuck key.
bushing.jpg Telescopic Bushing
These plastic bushings will reduce a wheel arbor 1 inch to 3/4, 5/8, and 1/2 inch. Available in 1/2 inch and 1 inch widths.
14-015.jpg Lapidary Spray Pump
This easy to use pump system is designed to cool and lubricate diamond wheels or blades. The movable spray head is positioned under the wheel in a trough containing lubricant. A separate air pump aspirates coolant from the spray head (about 2 to 3 inches high) onto the bottom of the wheel. Requires between 1/4" and 1" of coolant in the water pan. Not for use on horizontal machines. Unit is supplied complete with air pump (110 volt AC), 4 foot cord and plug, spray head and 18" inches of 3/16" ID hose.
13-015.jpg Star Cup w/ 3 copper inserts
Make Beads or Star Sapphires. This star cup is used to grind, sand and polish star gems, beads, cabochons and small spheres. The cup fits on the Graves Cab-Mate cabochon machine, Faceting machine or any 1/2" - 20 right hand, threaded spindle. The unit is supplied with the cup holder and three copper cups which can be charged with 325, 1,200 and 50,000 grit diamond compound (diamond compound sold separately). The holder separates easily by hand to facilitate changing of the star cup inserts. Uses less diamond than any other method and inexpensive replacement cups are available if accidentally contaminated. Recommended speed is 700 to 1400 RPM.|

EXTRA INSERTS FOR STAR CUP. These replacement cups have a 1 1/4" diameter working area . Available in either copper or lead: recommended for use with 50,000 grit diamond compound for the finest polish. Copper inserts sold in sets of 3 and lead inserts sold individually.

· Star Cup w/ 3 copper inserts
· Star Cup Copper Inserts - Set of 3
13-010.jpg Cabmate Hose Holder
Control Coolant Flow To Blades. This holder allows easy positioning of 1/4" coolant hose on Cabmates. Coolant flow is controlled by pinching the hose. The wing nut attaches to any machine with a 1/4" (or less) thick edge. The ideal accessory for sanding or polishing operations where you need the coolant directed to the center of the disc.
Sponge Discs
Use as a soft backing for other sanding and polishing pads. PSA backed. Available in 6" and 8" diameters.
· Sponge Disc 6 in.
· Sponge Disc, 8 in.
Felt Discs
Great For Polishing With Oxide Polishing Agents. These hard felt discs are just the thing when undercutting is not a problem. Especially recommended for glass, agate and opal.
· Felt Discs, 6 inch dia.
· Felt Discs, 8 inch dia.
preformer-graves.jpeg Preformer Attachment
Made by the Graves Company. Take the guess work out of shaping and sizing cabochons and faceted stones. Simply assemble the proper cam, turn the handwheel and the preformer will guide the grinding of the stone to the precise size and shape of the cam. Easily adapts to most grinding and faceting machines (only known exception is the Diamond Demon). To save time - stack up to four cabs together and preform all at the same time. The preformer, as supplied, includes a slide base plate with mounting bracket, two 1/4" dops, one dop handle and four of our most popular cams (25mm round, 30x22mm and 40x30mm oval, 22x11mm marquise). Additional precision molded nylon cams are available as a package, see Item No. 13-031. For special sizes or shapes, machined metal or nylon cams can be made in your own workshop.The preformer is supplied with brackets to mount to the Cab-Mate or any machine with a vertical surface. For mounting on faceting machines or other grinding machines a special bracket may be required - see PREFORMER BRACKETS.

The Preformer Package includes the attachment, drivemotor, cam set, and preformer bracket.

· Preformer Attachment
· Preformer Cams, Assortment
· Preformer Drive Motor
· Preformer Bracket
· Preformer Package
preform_cabmate.JPG Preformer Drive Motor
Automate Your Preformer. Save precious time and eliminate noncreative work with this motor. The geared motor attaches directly to the preformer spindle and provides for constant turning of the gemstone until the desired shape and size is obtained. Operates on 115 volt AC only.
templatesgem.jpg Metal Cabochon Templates
The colorful, anodized aluminum templates offer rigidity and durability. The double sided outlines allows placing a slab between the two connecting templates and scribing each side of the slab. Using this technique, grinding and sawing becomes faster, easier and more accurate. Available in either double or single templates and for ovals/circles - squares/rectangles - miscellaneous shapes. Please select the shapes during checkout.
· Cabochon Aluminum Double Template
· Cabochon Aluminum Single Template
· Cabochon Templates (2 Single) w/ Scribe Pencil
templatesgem.jpg Plastic Cabochon Templates
The see-through, clear plastic templates are a low cost alternative and allow total visibility of the slab. This makes positioning of the shape, relative to any flaws, available space and the patterns existing in the rock quick and easy. Color-coded, hot stamp markings will not rub off. Available in either double or single templates and for ovals/circles - squares/rectangles - miscellaneous shapes. Please select the shapes during checkout.
· Plastic Templates
· Plastic Templates, Set of 2 w/ Scribe
14-115.jpg Scribing Pencils
The basic tool for marking the outline of cabochon shapes on slabs. The pencils, one aluminum and the other brass, are available as a set or may be purchased individually. The scribes are easy to see and will not wash off during sawing or grinding. Sharpen pencils on any grinding wheel.
· Scribing Pencil, Aluminum or Brass
· Scribing Pencils, Aluminum and Brass
14-013.jpg Bezel Table - Cabmate
These tables are designed to fit the Graves Cab-Mate or Cab/6 and allows the user to accurately cut bezels on cabochons at the proper angle. The wing nuts allow quick and easy mounting and it can also be used as a tool rest.
· Graves Cabmate, Bezel Table
alcohollamp Alcohol Lamp
A "tilt-type" alcohol lamp that can be operated from any angle. Made with heavy, clear glass and nickel plated metal parts. Used to melt any type of dopping wax. Holds 4 oz. of denatured alcohol (available separately) and comes with a safety cap, chain and 1/4" wick.
· Alcohol Lamp
· Alcohol Lamp Wicks 12 Pack
Vinyl Apron
Industrial Grade 8 mil white vinyl apron. Sewn edges and nickel plated snaps across the bottom form a trough to catch water and keep your pants and shoes dry. Detachable straps and grommeted corners. Wipes clean and made to last for years.
TRIM_ATTACH.jpg Genie Trim Saw Attachment
Easy to install and use - requires no tools. Simply remove the three Nova wheels on the right side of the Genie, place the saw pan under the shaft, mount the blade on the adapter and spin it into the right hand shaft. Slip the table and hood into place, fill with water and you're ready to go. Supplied with an 8" continuous rim sintered blade (.032 x 1" Bore). Not recommended for blades other than .032" rims. This item is drop shipped from Diamond Pacific.
The Boxer
Make gemstone boxes with perfect mitered joints. The boxer is used to hold a slab at an angle so the sides can be ground to 45 degrees.