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This collection of books represents the finest in educational materials for the facetor, jewelery manufacturer and mineral collector. The book selection is geared for all areas of lapidary from the novice looking for general information to the professional seeking ways to cut the perfect gemstone.
22-009.jpg Faceting Book, Facet Cutters Handbook
Here’s what the author says... “I took it upon myself to write a book that would help beginners in our club faceting class.” This book contains everything one needs to know in order to expertly facet a gemstone. 22 beautiful cuts. 64 pages.
22-010.jpg Faceting Book, Meetpoint Faceting
A must for the beginning student. Authors carefully detail the concept of meetpoint faceting by taking the beginner through a standard round cut. Instructions continue through the oval, marquise, pear and emerald. A prerequisite to the Facet Design Books listed elsewhere. 100 pages. Long and Steele.
diaforfacet.jpg Faceting Book, Diagrams for Faceting, Vol. 1
A compilation of over 160 gem cuts starting with the simple cuts for beginners, the most popular cuts for the experienced faceter and a section devoted to unusual shapes. 184 pages, hardcover. Vargas.
Faceting Book, Diagrams for Faceting, Vol. 2
Over 150 gem cuts are included in this book. Some complex cutting diagrams are included for very unusual and unique shapes. Prepared for the advanced amateur. 151 pages, hardcover. Vargas.
Faceting Book, Diagrams for Faceting, Vol. 3
Over 130 new and unusual cuts. Some of the cuts are easy to perform yet produce spectacular looking gems, others are complex cuts that will challenge even the advanced faceter. Many of the diagrams were contributed by faceters from Australia, Canada, South Africa, France as well as the United States. 149 pages, Hardcover. Vargas.
22-090.jpg Faceting Book, Fundamental Faceting
An excellent primary and instruction manual for anyone interested in faceting. Profusely illustrated and written for the beginner who has little or no knowledge of the subject. Required reading for anyone who thinks they might like to try faceting or is shopping for a faceting machine. 32 pages.
longsteel.jpg Facet Design Books
A very popular series of six volumes which detail the faceting of fancy shapes: Oval, Pear, Navette/Marquise, Hearts, Emeralds, Rounds and Barions. Using a computer, the authors have developed exact cutting instructions to 1/10 of a degree which enables the beginning facetors to successfully cut these the fancy shapes using the meetpoint technique. Each volume contains more than 20 detailed designs with 3-view scaled drawings. Long and Steele.
· Faceting Book, Facet Design Vol. 1
· Faceting Book, Facet Design Vol. 2
· Faceting Book, Facet Design Vol. 3
· Faceting Book, Facet Design Vol. 4
· Faceting Book, Facet Design Vol. 5
· Faceting Book, Facet Design Vol. 6
· Faceting Book, Facet Design Vol. 7
· Faceting Book, Facet Design Complete Set
22-402.jpg Book, Art of Gem Cutting
A good overview of the lapidary hobby and equipment used by the beginner. Complete discussions on cabochon cutting, faceting, spheres, tumbling, drilling, and buying the rough material. 96 pages. Drake.
22-301.jpg Book, Gemstones of the World
A must have book for any gemstone enthusiast! Contains vivid solor photographs of over 1400 specimens including faceted stones, cabochons, beads, and ornamental rocks. Magnificent full color production with a wealth of knowledge of the gemstone world.
22-411.jpg Book, Use of Diamond Abrasives to Cut Gemstones
Details the proper use of diamond powders and compounds in lapidary work. Includes cabochon trim sawing, slab sawing, grinding, dopping, smoothing, polishing, equipment and supplies. 8 1/2 x 11, 30 pages.
22-406.jpg Book, Cabochon Cutting Book
An informative book that tells and illustrates how to cut a cabochon. Everything to start you on your way to expert cutting. Profusely illustrated in 64 pages. Cox.
22-102.jpg Tumbling Book, How to Tumble Polish Gemstones
Instructions on the selection, preparation and tumbling operations for gemstones are given in detail. Profusely illustrated. 32 pages. Wexler.
22-147.jpg Book, Jewelry Craft Made Easy
This book is for the beginner who wants to assemble finished jewelry using pre-finished gemstones, mountings and findings. 64 pages. French.
22-148.jpg Book, Jewelry Making for Beginners
An easy-to-learn method for fabricating soldered jewelry pieces that will keep the novice from getting discouraged. All steps are clearly shown. 48 pages. Soukup.
22-149.jpg Book, How to Repair Jewelry
Step-by-step instructions show how to fix broken chains, replace lost parts, rebuild broken prongs, remove and reset gems, size rings and much more. 8 1/2 x 11, 30 pages.
22-151.jpg Book, How to Make Wire Jewelry
Shows you how to make pins, pendants, chains, necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, stick pins and novelties from wire. 8 1/2 x 11, 30 pages.
22-152.jpg Book, Moods in Wire 2nd Edition
A comprehensive guide to the fine art of wire wrapping. Shown in step by step detailed drawings, the author covers wire wrapping for 29 projects including rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants, stick pins, shark teeth, spider pins and a cross. 112 pages. Sinclair.
22-156.jpg Book The Complete Metalsmith
This classic handbook provides full coverage to techniques and adds new procedures to its enclycopedic breath. The straight foreward text and clear instructive drawings bring even complex techniques within everyone's reach. Extensive charts and tables offer valuable information and resources. Soft cover 192 pages. McCreight.
22-158.jpg Book, Basics of Bead Stringing
A straight forward, easy to understand instruction manual that shows in words and pictures the basic steps and techniques of stringing beads and pearls. 48 pages. Champion
22-304.jpg Book, Rocks and Minerals
Simon and Schuster's field guide for easy identification of over 1000 illustrated minerals specimens. This book, with over 600 color photos and mineral identifications, serves as an excellent field guide as well as a technical information guide. Appearance, classification, practical uses, crystal formation, mode of occurrence, rarity and primary source are included in clear, concise detail. 608 pages. Soft cover.
22-379.jpg Book, Fee Mining Adventures/Rock Hunting in the West
This directory will help collectors locate over 120 fee mines and other places to hunt rocks and minerals throughout the Western USA. Seasons, days and hours of operation are included for each site as well as the address, directions, cost, tools and supplies needed. Organized by region, it is an invaluable guide for the gem hunter. 144 pages. Monaco.
Video, Beginner Faceting
Faceting Basics. Learning how to facet stones was never made less complicated than this video. The instructor takes the viewer through each step from setting up the faceting machine to the final polish of the gemstone. Included are many useful tips that make the task of faceting easier.
22-365.jpg The Gem Trail Series Books
A series of books for the Rockound who wants to locate his own rocks and mineral specimens. Each book is prepared by authors who have spent years locating and prospecting for minerals and specimens. Maps and location of specific types of minerals are provided in detail.
· Book, Gem Trails - Arizona
· Book, Gem Trails - Colorado
· Book, Gem Trails - Nevada
· Book, Gem Trails - New Mexico
· Book, Gem Trails - Oregon
· Book, Gem Trails - PA and NJ
· Book, Gem Trails - Texas
· Book, Gem Trails - Utah
· Book, Gems and Minerals of Washington
· Book, Midwest Gem Fossil and Mineral Trails
· Book, Midwest Gem Trails - Great Lakes
22-403.jpg Book Crystal and Mineral Collecting
A superb book about minerals and crystals. Included are sections on physical properties, where and how to collect them, different types of specimens and how they fit into various collections. Also includes information on how to house, catalog and label. Softcover, Sandborn.